Science News – Monthly Newsletter March 2011

Frogs re-evolved 'lost' lower teeth after more than 200mn yrs

LONDON - New research suggests that frogs re-evolved ‘lost’ bottom teeth after more than 200 million years. Tree-dwelling Gastrotheca guentheri are the only frogs with teeth on both their upper and lower jaw. The reappearance of these lower teeth after such a long time fuels debate about whether complex traits are lost in evolution or if they .... Read the original article  : here.

Science News – Monthly Newsletter February 2011

Want a higher follower tally on Twitter? Resort to flaming!

LONDON - Want to have more people following you on Twitter or commenting on your blog post? Well, be prepared to resort to flaming to anger and upset people, says a study. A group of Slovenian and British researchers used something called ’sentiment analysis’ to identify emotional content in posts left on the BBC’s online discussion ... Read this article on Gaea Times at : Want a higher follower tally on Twitter? Resort to flaming!.

Science News – Monthly Newsletter January 2011

Babies' sense of smell physically shaped by mums' diets during pregnancy

LONDON - Scientists at Colorado University have found that a baby’s smelling system is physically shaped by what his or her mother eats and drinks during pregnancy. It is well known that what an expectant mother consumes will affect what her child will like, reports the Telegraph. But now a study on mice has found why this ... Read : Babies’ sense of smell physically shaped by mums’ diets during pregnancy.

Science News – Monthly Newsletter December 2010

Screening test for depression in adolescents gets green signal

WASHINGTON - Screening depression in adolescents would now get easier-thanks to a new test that has been approved by researchers. University of Washington researchers, Seattle Children’s, and Group Health Health report has suggested that the PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire-9 item) is a good screening test for major depression in adolescents. Led by Laura P. Richardson, the team ... Read more >>.

Science News – Monthly Newsletter November 2010

Hair straightening agents could be cancerous health hazards

WASHINGTON - A public alert has been issued over concerns raised by Portland-area hair salons about a product used for hair straightening, which could have negative health impacts. Oregon Health and Science University’s Centre for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET) has issued two public alerts describing its findings on the health impacts ... Original source on Gaea Times at : Hair straightening agents could be cancerous health hazards.

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