Odd News – Monthly Newsletter March 2011

Bugatti Veyron Driver Goes Crazy

BERLIN, GERMANY (GaeaTimes.com)- Owning a powerful Sport sedan or SUV is something and getting the chance to drive the car at its maximum speed are two different things. On most of the roads and motorways hitting the maximum sped limit of a car may not be possible. However, if some one lives in Germany .... Original source  : Bugatti Veyron Driver Goes Crazy.

Odd News – Monthly Newsletter February 2011

Dead Birds Dropping In Louisiana

LABARRE (GaeaTimes.com)- After Arkansas, it was time for the poor birds of Louisiana, to follow the same fate. According to the reports, more than 500 dead birds fell from the sky, and were found scattered all over the quarter-mile stretch of Point Coupee Parish Highway. The incident occurred on Monday, and the Louisiana state biologists [..] Read the original article: here.

Odd News – Monthly Newsletter January 2011

Alive Mice Found in the Chinese Noodles!!!

ESSEX (Gaeatimes.com) — Watch out! Your favorite Chinese noodle might have a mouse in it. And it might be ALIVE!! Food hygiene inspectors have found LIVE mice in the food of Dragon Palace in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. The rodents were spotted when the inspectors made a routine visit and heard a rustling sound coming from a .... Source  : Alive Mice Found in the Chinese Noodles!!!.

Odd News – Monthly Newsletter December 2010

10 Year Old Girl Gives Birth to a Baby!!

ANDALUSIA, SPAIN (GaeaTimes.com) — Now this is called odd news. A 10-year old girl in a city named Jerez de la Frontera gave birth to a baby. Both mother and the baby (or shall we say baby and the baby) are in the best of their health as reported. According to Spanish newspapers, the girl .... Original article on Gaea Times at  : 10 Year Old Girl Gives Birth to a Baby!!.

Odd News – Monthly Newsletter November 2010

Jail inmate captured clad only in pink socks after failed escape attempt over 5 fences

Inmate ends up nearly naked after jail escape try PHOENIX - A Phoenix jail inmate was left wearing nothing but pink socks after scaling five fences in an escape attempt before he was captured. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office says 24-year-old Clayton Thornburg suffered cuts on parts of his body since some of the Durango Jail’s ... Read more »».

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