Gadgetophilia (Gadgets) – Newsletter for February 27, 2011

'Sexy' video game encouraging 'flirty striptease' awarded 12 + certificate

London, Feb 26 (ANI): A ’sexy’ computer game, in which players are encouraged to act out a ‘flirty striptease’, has been awarded a 12+ certificate, to the anger of politicians and parents. We Dare, which is advertised with images of handcuffs, spanking and partner-swapping, has been approved for young teenagers even ... Read more »»».

Gadgetophilia (Gadgets) – Newsletter for February 25, 2011

US man dubbed 'most stupid criminal ever' pleads guilty to burglary

LONDON - The US man, who was dubbed as “the most stupid criminal ever” after he posted a photo of himself on the Facebook page of the owner of a laptop he had stolen, has pleaded guilty to burglary. Rodney Knight Jr, 19, had last December, broken into the home of Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher .... Source  : Gaea News Network.

Gadgetophilia (Gadgets) – Newsletter for February 16, 2011

Missing Brit schoolgirl's laptop leads to 240 sex offenders

LONDON - The search of a missing schoolgirl’s laptop in UK has helped catch 240 online predators, and also spark a major child abuse operation.t had begun as a simple missing person’s inquiry, but ended with arrests being made in 15 different countries. Police, who were investigating the 13-year-old’s disappearance, found she received 76 e-mails with ... Original source on Gaea Times at : Missing Brit schoolgirl’s laptop leads to 240 sex offenders.

Gadgetophilia (Gadgets) – Newsletter for February 11, 2011

HP TouchPad In Spotlight

SAN FRANCISCO ( HP the computer giant is joining the tablet bandwagon as is evident from its latest moves. The company which commands a large share of the global PC market recently unveiled TouchPad its contender in the fast growing tablet segment. The device is hogging attention now but the company has not said ... Read more >>.

Gadgetophilia (Gadgets) – Newsletter for February 9, 2011

Benazir was promised she would be PM: Forensic report

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Benazir Bhutto had been assured that she would be the prime minister after the 2007 general elections, revealed a forensic report that was compiled after retrieving data from her personal BlackBerry phones. An email begins by calling her “Respected Prime Minister”. The Express Tribune said that one of ... Original article on : Benazir was promised she would be PM: Forensic report.

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