Diabetes News – Newsletter for February 25, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Missing sugar molecule ‘increases diabetes risk’

WASHINGTON – Scientists say that an evolutionary gene mutation that occurred in human millions of years ago and our subsequent inability to produce a specific kind of sugar molecule appears to make people more vulnerable to developing type 2 diabetes, especially if they’re overweight.

The study was carried out by researchers at the University of California, … Original article on : Missing sugar molecule ‘increases diabetes risk’.

Fatty liver ‘independently increases Type 2 diabetes risk’

WASHINGTON – In a new study, scientists have found that individuals with fatty liver were five times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those without fatty liver.

This higher risk seemed to occur regardless of the patient’s fasting insulin levels, which were used as a marker of insulin resistance.

The study has shown that fatty …. Source article  : Fatty liver ‘independently increases Type 2 diabetes risk’.

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