Health (General) – Weekly Newsletter for March 1-7, 2011

Chris Christie defends Michelle Obama's obesity campaign

NEW YORK - Even though US First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against obesity was mocked by Sarah Palin and some conservatives, Republicans Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee have sided with her. During separate morning news programs, Christie, 48, who is the Governor of New Jersey, and Huckabee, 55, who is the former Governor of Arkansas, defended .... Read the original article  : Chris Christie defends Michelle Obama’s obesity campaign.

Health (General) – Weekly Newsletter for February 21-28, 2011

Oral sex bigger cause of throat cancer than tobacco

LONDON - A virus spread during oral sex is the main cause of throat cancer in people under 50 years of age. Scientists say the human papilloma virus (HPV) spread during unprotected sex is to blame for a disturbing rise in potentially deadly oral cancers in the last few decades. Doctors have called for boys .... Read the original article  : here.

Health (General) – Weekly Newsletter for February 14-21, 2011

Lavasa Women's Drive to spread cancer awareness

MUMBAI - Aiming to spread cancer awareness, the third edition of the Lavasa Women’s Drive will be flagged off from Mumbai and Pune Feb 27, ahead of the International Women’s Day March 8, a company official said. An initiative of Lavasa Corporation Limited, in addition to Mumbai, Lavasa Women’s Drive will also be flagged off .... Source article  : Lavasa Women’s Drive to spread cancer awareness.

Health (General) – Weekly Newsletter for February 7-14, 2011

This robot will be elderly people's caregiver

WELLINGTON - A company in New Zealand has developed a robot that reminds the aged people about their medication, monitors their vital signs, and will soon be able to entertain them too while encouraging exercise and mobility. Christchurch-based gaming company Stickmen Studios has developed a game - Kung Fu Funk - that can help ... Read more >>>.

Health (General) – Weekly Newsletter for February 1-7, 2011

Free morning-after pills fail to cut teen pregnancies

LONDON - Schemes to offer over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pills to under-16 girls in Britain have simply encouraged them to have more unprotected sex, instead of curtailing teenage pregnancies, a study says. The findings are a blow to public health chiefs who have argued that handing out the morning-after pill cuts schoolgirl pregnancies. Family campaigners seized .... Source article  : Free morning-after pills fail to cut teen pregnancies.

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