Games Goddess – Monthly Newsletter March 2011


Crash and smash with purpose in an action-packed adventure for kids. CID lives in a world obsessed with safety because of potential danger around every corner. Employed as a lowly Crash Impact Dummy, he dreams of having a greater purpose in life rather than just checking and re-checking everything from cars to escalators. Today, it looks [...]

Games Goddess – Monthly Newsletter February 2011

Ballville - The Beginning

Help the space-faring Orbs start a new civilization in a wonderfully unique matching adventure. A spaceship full of traveling Orb crashes down on an unknown, uncharted planet. With good fortune however, it delivers the crew onto a picturesque world filled with lush jungles, clear streams, snowy mountains, and mysterious ancient deserts. This magnificent place will become [...]

Games Goddess – Monthly Newsletter January 2011


Bring the Bee home after a hard day working with this quick and challenging puzzle that will make your brain and reflexes work hard. Play in Full ScreenInstructionOrganize the path turning hexagons. Just click on hexagons to turn it clockwise and click holding ctrl to turn it counter clockwise.Brief Instructions for playing Hex-bP using PauseMovement using [...]

Games Goddess – Monthly Newsletter December 2010

Coffee Rush 2

Serve up a flavorful cup of brew with a satisfying blend of Match 3 and Time Management gameplay. The heartless Smokestack Coffee Company is back at it, serving awful cups of java at ridiculous prices. They’ve managed to run out all other coffee houses in a new city that’s now desperate for a decent pick-me-up. You’ve [...]

Games Goddess – Monthly Newsletter November 2010

PS3 Exclusive MAG Patched to 2.0

The Sony Playstation 3 exclusive massively multiplayer online shooter MAG is getting a overhaul of sorts after spending days on end becoming a stale affair. There were tons of balancing issues as the MAG released The S.V.E.R faction was way too powerful and the level up system was a bit nixed. The new 2.0 patch [...]

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